Bradford Unitarians

Arriving at our place of worship

We are a spiritual community with many different beliefs. We find our unity in shared values such as:
+ The nurturing of the spiritual dimension
+ The use of reason and honest doubt in the search for truths
+ Constructive tolerance and openness towards the sincerely held beliefs of others
+ Peace, compassion, justice and democracy in human affairs
+ Reverence for the earth and the whole natural system of which we are a part

Bradford Unitarians is an active congregation which supports local and national initiatives, including The Peace Museum, Bradford Toy Library, The Trussell Trust (foodbank), send a child to Hucklow (breaks for underprivileged children), "Standing on the side of Love" (Campaigning for Equal Rights - Unitarian churches and chapels represent over 40 of the 80-odd places of worship licensed for equal marriage) and Interfaith Projects among others.

As individuals, our members' interests and commitments include Fairtrade, the Alzheimer's Disease Society, Interfaith Vegan Alliance, Social Justice, Frack-free Yorkshire, Women of the World (community-building), music groups and choirs.

Nationally, Unitarian groups include the Unitarian Christian Association, the Unitarian Earth Spirit Network, the Meditational Fellowship, Unitarian and Free Christian Peace Fellowship, Unitarian Music Society, and many others - reflecting the diversity which flourishes within the movement.

For a list of our forthcoming events, please look at our "activities"page.