The Fellowship is using the DVD 'LifeSpirit', that the Rev. David Usher produced a year or two ago on behalf of The Hibbert Trust.

Our next meeting of the Canterbury Unitarian Fellowship is on Wed 19th February at 19:00 in the Friends Meeting House, The Friars, Canterbury as usual.

Chapter 8 Time and history

Section 1 The beginning of the world - different stories and explanations

What do you believe is the relationship between God and the creation of the world?

What can be learned from creation stories such as those found in the book of Genesis?

Are you familiar with other religious myths about how the world began?

Are science and religion complementary or adversarial?

Which are more important to you - the 'how' questions of science or the 'why' questions of religion?

Section 2 The end of the world - different stories and explanations

What do you think is the future of the earth?

How does that ultimate future impact how you live now?

Does it make you fatalistic or hopeful?

Is your personal spiritual salvation separate from the future of the planet, or intensely dependent upon it?

Section 3 The role of human agency in the story of the world

To what extent is your personal story determined by the story of the world?

If you could be guaranteed your personal safety, what epoch in the history of the world would you like to visit, and why?

Describe your vision of heaven on earth.