Worship Leader

Worship Leader

Our appointed Worship Leader is Pastor Jean Clements.

Jean has been a member of New Chapel since 2009 and took her first service in the summer of 2011.

Since then, Jean has successfully completed several General Assembly approved qualifications and has been leading worship on a regular basis at New Chapel.

Since September of 2014 she also has pastoral oversight of our congregation.

She is also our authorised person approved by the government to conduct and solemnize marriages, including same sex marriages.

Jean's style of worship makes her a very popular Worship Leader within the Unitarian community and as such regularly leads worship at other Unitarian Chapels, including;
Ashton In Makerfield, Warrington, Southport, Rawtenstall, Scarborough, Padiham and Chorley.

Jean also conducts all our Rites Of Passage unless a specific minister is requested.

She is also very active in community projects and organises many social events.

We also invite guest pulpit speakersto lead worship.

For us, this ensures a wide variety of styles, opinions, and offers something for everyone.

Some of our pulpit speakers come from different local Unitarian Chapels, others from different religious backgrounds, for example we have speakers from the Church of England and the Quaker faiths.

To us this inspires us to think more openly and freely about various styles of worship. We are also fortunate enough to have members of our own congregation who are willing to lead worship.

For details of Rites of Passage or forthcoming worship, please click on the various pages within this website.