Doncaster Unitarian and Free Christian Church

Doncaster Unitarian and Free Christian Church, by Jane Gray

An Oasis of Peace in a busy town.

We welcome you to this meeting place where we come together in worship. It is the people who make this place what it is. We accept that worship has many different meanings for each person to explore and discover. Those who speak here have the responsibility of presenting their ideas freely, fearlessly and faithfully. Those who listen have the responsibility of testing what they hear, not only with the critical mind, but also in the living of every day. The principles of freedom, reason and toleration are important to us in the quest for truth. The members at Doncaster are what makes the Church special and all are welcome to join us.

Minister: Rev Tom McCready

Our church is not only a place of Unitarian and Free Christian worship; it is also a centre for Interfaith Activities in Doncaster and we have recently with, the Jamia Mosque, launched the Doncaster Partnership for Muslim/Christian Friendship.

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