Dukinfield Old Chapel (Unitarian)

Following the Government guidelines we are sad to announce that we will have to halt our worship in Chapel until given clearance by the Government. This means that all our regular events and fund raisers are now cancelled.
Our Sunday School will close with immediate effect until we are given new guidance.
Other users of our Community Hall are making their own decisions and arrangements.
Please keep in touch with one another by phone email or skype, and please look after our more elderly congregants (not that they would thank us for calling them elderly!)
We are hoping to keep some form of newsletter or magazine going as usual even if its only to keep everyone updated of what's happening or not.
When the situation changes we will update the information both here on the website and on our Facebook page.
Stay safe

We hope our website gives a flavour of our Unitarian congregation in Dukinfield. We are a welcoming and open hearted community with our roots going back to the 17th Century.

Worship in our beautiful chapel is the centre of congregational life and we enjoy a rich social life which also enhances our fund raising.

Our Sunday School enables our young people to learn and play together. They regularly create special worship services which are shared with the whole congregation.

Unitarianism is a free and inquiring religion which positively encourages people to find their own spiritual path through life guided by their understanding, reason, conscience, experience and emotions, in community with like minded others.

Unitarianism has roots in Judaism and Christianity. Our religious forebears were set apart from the mainstream Christian Churches because they came to see Jesus as a great teacher and role model rather than part of the Trinitarian godhead. The Bible is recognised amongst us as an inspiring book rather than the actual word of God. Many of us draw our inspiration and guidance, not only from the Christian tradition, but from other world religions and spiritualities.

Thus there is a considerable variety of religious belief amongst our members.

The Dukinfield congregation is independent but linked through a General Assembly to some 200 other Unitarian churches in Britain.

The principles of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches to which we are affiliated guide us to recognise the worth and dignity of all people and to: worship God, celebrate life, serve humanity, respect all creation, and uphold the liberal Christian tradition.