Midfulness @ Lunchtime Mindfulness is gently bringing our attention to the present moment, invoking our inherent capacity for healing and renewal. It is the basis for transforming ourselves and creating greater harmony in our lives and in society. To be mindful is to be aware of what is going on in our body, in our feelings, in our mind and in the world, as we avoid doing harm to ourselves and others. With the help of breathing - breathing and knowing we are breathing - we are able to touch and be nourished by the peace and joy that are available within us and around us, in the here and now.

Jointly Organised by: Unitarians in Edinburgh and The Community of Interbeing

12.15 - 2.00
St Mark’s Unitarian Church
Castle Terrace, Edinburgh

This practice of mindfulness includes:

  • guided and seated meditation
  • walking meditation
  • enjoying our lunch together in silence

You may arrive and leave at any time, all we ask is that you respect the silence. Please bring your own packed lunch. We provide fruit and drinks to share.

Mindfulness@Lunchtime is not a religious service - it is a simple period of peace, mindfulness and meditation

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