Podcasts We now produce podcasts which you are welcome to download and listen to.

Heresy... should Unitarians be worried?
Sunday 13th March

Service led by Rob Whiteman

Welcoming New Members to Our Beloved Community
21st February 2016

A brief reflection on what it means to be a member of a Unitarian community.

Open to Inspiration
Sermon by Rev Maud Robinson

On Pentecost Sunday we look at the process of inspiration. Divine inspiration, artistic inspiration, moments of clarity - are these all one and the same thing?

Tuesday 12th May

In this 5 part meditation we focus on what is wonderful, refreshing, and healing within and around ourselves

Tuesday 5th May

A 6 part meditation on the 4 immeasurable minds: loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity.

Sunday 26th April
The General Election - how should we, as Unitarians, respond?

Service led by Rob Whiteman - member of Unitarians in Edinburgh and ministry student
Considering some of the issues around religion and politics, especially when faced with a ballot paper.

Sunday 12th April
Responding to the British General Assembly

How can the themes and reflections of the Annual Meetings of our General Assembly impact on how we think and act here in Edinburgh?

This service also includes some words of tribute to Adam Bojelian, a member of St Mark's and a talented poet, who died in March 2015, aged 15 years.

Tuesday 17th March

Life is filled with suffering, and also many wonders - in this 5 part meditation we reconnect with the wholesome and fresh things which have the capacity to heal.

Tuesday 10th March

As spring nears, and the crocuses and mini daffodils start to bloom along the meadows - a 5 part meditation centering our own inner peace in the natural world.

Tuesday 3rd March

Remembering Ani, founder of Edinburgh's Wild Geese Sangha, a 6 part meditation on life and community with two poems read.

Sunday 1st March
Mad as March Hares

As the winter begins to lose its grips how will your glorious divine madness manifest?

Sunday 22nd February
Renewing Our Commitment to Mutual Ministry

In February 2009 our community made a commitment to mutually minister to each other. We gather today to celebrate our community and to renew our commitment.

Tuesday 17th February

6 part practice - The ancient practice of 'Noble Silence' helps us begin the process of hearing in a new way. This is a timeless and wise practice that helps us to be more sensitive and perceptive.

Sunday 8th February
Reflections from Chennai

Partnership with the Unitarian Church in Chennai, South India is an important aspect of St Mark's outreach. Jon Bagust reflects on his recent visit there.

Sunday 1st February
Standing on The Side of Love: Immigration

What's more important when considering the vexed question of the levels of immigration into Britain, pragmatism or compassion?

Tuesday 3rd February

A meditation reflecting on the necessity for all of us to embrace the fact of our own deaths.

Sunday 25th January
There Are Days When I Forget the Mystery

A reflection on 'Primary Wonder' a poem by Denise Levertov.