Essays by Members

Click on the links below to read articles written by various members of our congregation. Unless otherwise stated, the texts were all first published in the newsletter of the MCO Chapel Society.

A Sincere Communion of Souls by Catherine Robinson

Unitarianism: A Faith For Our Times by Catherine Robinson

Phillip Overbury - 'a declaration of faith'. A personal testimony written by Phillip and delivered at his funeral service.

Unitarian Faith and Practice

An article by Catherine Robinson, published in the "Face to Faith" column of The Guardian in 2009

As Others See Us: What's In A Blog?
Follow-up to the Guardian article about Unitarian Faith and Practice

The Religion of Fritz Schumacher
An article by Professor John Toye about the pioneering author of Small Is Beautiful

Drugs Misuse: Time for a Review of National Policy?
Dr Martyn Agass argues for a new approach to the control of dangerous drugs and the treatment of addicts

An African Musical Legacy
Jacky Woodman recalls the church choirs of her childhood in South Africa

"God Is Not A Being"
Catherine Robinson considers the thinking of American naturalist John Burroughs (1837-1921)