Manchester College Oxford Chapel Society

Our place of worship

Good News! We resumed Chapel Services in person starting Sunday 6th March.
These services will be also be live streamed via Zoom.
For updated details of our current online Sunday services, see Forthcoming Events

We welcome members of the public and the university, of all faiths and denominations or none. Our religious faith does not require adherence to a fixed creed. We believe that religion is wider than any one sect and deeper than any one set of opinions. We find a basis for unity in our shared search for truth, our reverence for life, and a mutual respect for sincerely held beliefs.

We welcome everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, or sexual orientation. We aspire to be a caring religious community in which we value people for their diversity and encourage freedom of thought and spiritual exploration.

Our motto is inscribed in the stained-glass windows of the chapel: Elargissez Dieu! - a quotation from Diderot, roughly translated as Set God free! or Broaden your concept of God!