Our place of worship

Edmund Kell Unitarian Church

We are a growing friendly congregation, where you are assured of a warm welcome.
The congregation comes together to meet a variety of spiritual needs.
Some of the members are liberal Christians, some are humanists, some are pagan, whilst others are agnostic.
Yet, despite the diversity of views, all come together to share in services in an atmosphere of freedom and tolerance.
It is the Unitarian experience that common values, found in a bond of unity, speak for more than narrow creed or binding dogma.

We stand on the side of Love! Our congregation has voted overwhelmingly to endorse same-sex marriage. In England and Wales, same-sex marriages can commence March 29th, but couples will need to register by March 13th. If you would like to have a wedding officiated at our church, either same-sex or not, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Mission Statement
Ours is a creedless faith.
We are a compassionate and inclusive community encompassing diverse spiritual paths.
Our purpose is to help people meet their spiritual needs while promoting social justice.