Southport Unitarians

Who We Are

A group of likeminded people in that we respect our differences, cherish our freedom to think as we wish and basically follow the teachings of Jesus rather than those about him.

The stated object of our denomination is:

To promote a free and inquiring religion through the worship of God and the celebration of life, the service of humanity and respect for all creation and the upholding of the liberal Christian tradition.'

But then...

the unstated object of each one of us may well be quite different from that, but this doesn't matter. In fact, 'difference' can be a really positive thing in Unitarianism!

Generally, Unitarian beliefs span a wide spectrum from that which resembles a more traditional Christian perspective right through to the humanist and even pagan. We revel in our varying viewpoints and consider teachings and texts from a variety of religious and non religious sources.

Our services are thought provoking! So you may need to join us afterwards for discussion and coffee!

We believe that we offer something very different in terms of spiritual fellowship. You will never be asked to say you believe something that you don't. You are free to form your own opinions and share them openly with others without fear of censure.

We believe that:

everyone has the right to seek truth and meaning for themselves.

the fundamental tools for doing this are your own life experience, your reflection upon it, your intuitive understanding and the promptings of your own conscience.

the best setting for this is a community that welcomes you for who you are, complete with your beliefs, doubts and questions.

We can be called religious 'liberals'

religious because we unite to celebrate and affirm values that embrace and reflect a greater reality than self.

liberal because we claim no exclusive revelation or status for ourselves; because we afford respect and toleration to those who follow different paths of faith.

We are called 'Unitarians'

because of our traditional insistence on divine unity, the oneness of God because we affirm the essential unity of humankind and of creation.

(Further details can be found on the Unitarian website)