The aims of the Fellowship are:

To promote the practice of meditation as an individual discipline and to encourage the formation of meditation groups in different localities through practical guidance in methods and techniques at organised retreats.

To provide opportunities for learning and discussion about various theoretical aspects of meditation - such as the psychology of meditation and the philosophical and theological factors implicit within the practice, and to explore the religious roots of meditation in the contemplative traditions of the world.

To emphasise the relevance of meditation to daily living as a practice which helps to promote personal growth and social harmony and which enhances in general the quality of life.

The retreat programmes include a variety of sessions led by experienced members of the Fellowship including:

- Guidance in meditational practices that help to develop concentration and insight, using techniques from different spiritual traditions.
- Periods of silent meditation and guided meditation.
- Talks on subjects related to the practice of meditation, with opportunities for discussion.
- Sessions of gentle movement, chanting and meditative dance.

Some of the sessions are designed simply to help participants relax and find spiritual renewal. Others focus on deepening insight into oneself and increasing awareness of others, which can sometimes be quite challenging. Individual support and guidance is available during the retreat, if required. Participants are invited to use the retreat in whatever way they feel is most helpful to themselves, with no pressure to attend sessions. There is usually a quiet room for those who wish to spend some time on their own. Venues are usually in rural settings with opportunities for country walks. Tape recordings and some printed copies of earlier TMF talks are available for those who may be interested.

The retreats are sometimes booked up well in advance, so it is advisable to book early to be sure of a place.