Our Minister

Our current Minister, Rev. Dr. Vernon Marshall, began his ministry with us in November 2011 and serves also the Stand Unitarian Chapel, Whitefield.

A Yorkshireman by birth, he has worked in a ministerial capacity since 1981 after experience in teaching and social work.

He is married to Martine, a Parisienne, and has a grown up daughter, Laura.

Unity Church is a member congregation of the Unitarian movement that evolved out of a desire to be free from the restrictions of formal creeds and doctrines. The name "Unitarian" was chosen because of a resistence to the doctrine of the Trinity which early members found to be irrational and impossible to justify. Modern Unitarians have a much wider perspective with a vast range of religious opinion. Unitarianism is about being free to find your own place, to be comfortable with your own beliefs and encouraged continually to explore and to challenge.